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The first vertebrates were primitive fishes, and fishes make up more than half of all living vertebrate species. This evolutionary tree has tetrapods at its center, and it was the earliest tetrapods that first grew limbs and left the water for land. These are the common ancestors from which the vast array of amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals evolved, populating the land, taking to the sky, and, in some cases, returning to the sea. 37 VERTEBRATE GROUPS AMPHIBIANS Cold-blooded tetrapods with porous, glandular skin.

51 REPTILES LIZARDS AND SNAKES WORM LIZARDS AND RELATIVES Squamata Scaly reptiles of many forms, also known as squamates. Males have paired copulatory organs called hemipenes. GECKOS AND RELATIVES Amphisbaenia Species 166 Gekkota Species 1,073 SCLEROGLOSSANS Scleroglossa Squamates that use their jaws rather than their tongue to catch food, and their tongue for smelling. This group includes all squamates except iguanians. SKINKS AND RELATIVES Scincomorpha Species 2,000 AUTARCHOGLOSSANS Autarchoglossa Squamates with highly developed olfactory capabilities involving the tongue and a sensitive scent organ (Jacobson’s organ) in the roof of the mouth.

Cladistia Species 16 STURGEONS AND PADDLEFISHES Chondrostei Species 27 GARS HAGFISHES Ginglymodi Species 7 Myxinoidea The only craniates that are not vertebrates, hagfishes have a skull but no vertebral column (backbone). BOWFINS Halecomorphi Species 1 LAMPREYS TELEOSTS Petromyzontia The only jawless vertebrates, lampreys form the sister group to all jawed vertebrates. There are about 40 species of living lampreys. Teleostei Ray-finned fishes with mobile mouths, due to moveable upper jaws, and symmetrical (homocercal) tail fins.

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