An introduction to the study of the Kabalah by W Wynn Westcott

By W Wynn Westcott

Historic Ritualistic Lore and Prophecies of the long run Made occur to guy. With 8 Diagrams. Contents: The Kabalah; the sensible Kabalah; The Dogmatic Kabalah

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All is Spirit,-says the Kabalah,-and this is eternal, uncreated; intellectual and sentient on our plane; inhering are life and mo~ion; It is selfexisting, with successive waves of action and passivity . This Spirit is the true Deity, or Infinite THE DOGMATIC KABALAH 39 Being, the" Ain Suph," the Cause of all causes, and of all effects. " The lJniverse is an immanent offspring of the Divine, which is manifested in a million forms of differentiation. The Universe is yet distinct from God, even as an effect is distinct · from a cause; yet it is not apart from Deity, it is not a transient effect, it is immanent in the Cause.

To converse with the Holy Ones of higher Spiritual planes. Spiritual wisdom can only be attained by the man, or earthly being \vho becomes able to reach up to the sphere above; a ·Spiritual Being above us cannot reach down and help those who do not so purify themselves that they may be fit to rise up to the higher planes of existence. The chief difficulty of the beginner as a student of the Kabalah, is to conquer the impressions of the reality and materiality ·of so-called matter. The I{abalah teaches that one must entirely relinquish the apparent knowledge of matter as an entity apart from Spirit.

It seeks to explain by Emanations the transition from the Infinite to the finite, the multitude of forms from a unity; the production of matter from spiritual intelligence; and the relations existing between Creator and creature. In this theosophy,-ex nihil 1'tihilo fit; spirit and matter are the opposite poles of one existence: and as nothing comes from nothing, so nothing is annihilated. 81 32 THE KABALAH The following seven Kabalistic ideals are of the greatest interest to student3 of the origin and destiny of the world and mankind.

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