Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Webster's Thesaurus by Lewis Carroll

By Lewis Carroll

Webster's paperbacks benefit from the truth that classics are usually assigned readings in English classes. by utilizing a working English-to-Finnish glossary on the backside of every web page, this version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland through Lewis Carroll used to be edited for 3 audiences. the 1st contains Finnish-speaking scholars enrolled in an English Language software (ELP), an English as a international Language (EFL) software, an English as a moment Language application (ESL), or in a TOEFL� or TOEIC� guidance software. the second one viewers comprises English-speaking scholars enrolled in bilingual education schemes or Finnish audio system enrolled in English-speaking faculties. The 3rd viewers contains scholars who're actively construction their vocabularies in Finnish on the way to take overseas provider, translation certification, complicated Placement� (AP�) or comparable examinations. through the use of the Webster's Finnish glossary version while assigned for an English direction, the reader can increase their vocabulary in anticipation of an exam in Finnish or English.
TOEFL�, TOEIC�, AP� and complex Placement� are logos of the academic checking out carrier which has neither reviewed nor counseled this publication. All rights reserved.

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Close, completion, finish, termination, grin: (n, v) beam; (v) laugh, sneer, leer, vanishing: (n) disappearance, dissolution, death; (adj, n) closing, quib, quip, satire, skit; (n) smirk, vanishment, dissipation; (adj) dying, last. ANTONYMS: (n) beginning, grinning, simper. ANTONYM: (v) fleeting, momentary, breaking up, middle, commencement, frown. declining, diminishing, dissolving, happening: (n) incident, episode, evanescent. ANTONYMS: (adj) inauguration, kickoff, prelude, establishment; (adj) first.

Herself: (adj) oneself, self, himself, myself, yourself, yourselves, themselves, ourselves, itself. rather: (adv) a little, enough, fairly, pretty, moderately, considerably, very, relatively, kind of, instead, kinda. ANTONYMS: (adv) extremely, absolutely; (adj) complete. towards: (prep) to, facing, until, saying: (adj, n, v) maxim; (n) axiom, opposite to, till, unto, upon; (n, prep) against; (adv) about, by; (n) at. adage, phrase, dictum, idiom, byword, aphorism, expression; (n, v) wish: (adv, n, v) will; (n, v) want, hope, saw, proverb.

ANTONYM: (adv) inactively. growl: (adj, n, v) snarl; (n, v) roar, bark, howl, yap, moan, thunder; (v) gnarl, mutter, complain, croak. jumping: (n) saltation, leaping, header, start, propulsion; (adj) moving, festive; (v) bounding, salient, dancing; (adv) leapingly. lullaby: (n) berceuse, alleviation, easement, antispasmodic, laudanum, palliation; (n, v) lull; (v) sedative, sing; (adv) soft music, siren strains. minded: (prep) inclined; (adj, prep) disposed; (adj) willing, apt, ready, prone, orientated, favorable, oriented, prepared, partial.

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