After the Storm: Iraqi Wrecks and Fortifications by Eric Micheletti

By Eric Micheletti

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The Panther Medium Tank was once produced as an instantaneous results of early stories with the innovative Soviet T-34/76. Designers and army specialists mixed to provide a few adaptations to supply armoured aid for the numerous branches of the German military. even if performing as a command communications automobile, excited by cellular air defence as a flakpanzer, a Panzer department restoration car, or using the turret as a static defence approach, the Panther in its many varieties was once the mainstay of Germany’s plan to maintain her enemies at bay on fronts.

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Army manual. To access these main gun rounds the turret would have to be traversed in different directions. Patton Museum The M26 tank would see extensive action during the Korean War in a wide variety of roles, ranging from tank-on-tank combat to infantry support duties. S. Army M26 tank on the Korean battlefield. Notice the machine gun ammunition containers stored on the vehicle’s right fender. These machine gun ammunition containers were typically stored on the horizontal sections of both the vehicle’s right and left fenders.

However, the same could not be said for the vehicle’s advanced fire-control system. It soon became clear from the testing process that at least fifteen key modifications to the M47 tank’s fire control system were required before it could even match the effectiveness of the much simpler fire-control systems found in the M26 and M46 series tanks. The various modifications to the fire-control system of the M47 tank were quickly approved and applied to the vehicles already built and then introduced into the production lines.

The biggest enemy-caused casualty producer for American tanks during the Korean conflict was antitank mines. Like the other American medium tanks to see action during the Korean War, the main role of the M46 series tank generally became infantry support, with occasional stints as artillery pieces when poor terrain conditions or weather ruled out the use of the vehicle in its normal roles. S. Army eventually considered as being extremely uneconomical and wasteful in main gun ammunition expenditure for the minor results achieved.

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