Adolescent health: reassessing the passage of adulthood, by Judith Senderowitz

By Judith Senderowitz

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Their rate of contraceptive use continues to be low. Even when they know about contraceptives, young people may have difficulty obtaining them. And they may avoid using them because they fear side effects, their partner opposes use, or their religious beliefs proscribe them. Many adolescents do not use contraceptives because they did not plan to have sex or think that pregnancy is unlikely. When unintended pregnancy occurs, young women often seek termination to avoid expulsion from school and other consequences.

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The AIDS pandemic is challenging social institutions and eating away at families; by 2000 an estimated 10 million children are expected to have lost one or both parents (Global AIDSNEWS 1992). For adolescents, current and future health is especially linked with behavior (Friedman 1989). Their experimenting with new activities (including sexual ones), testing of newly acquired freedoms, and efforts to establish an identity increase their exposure to riskstoo-early pregnancy and childbearing, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), sexual abuse and exploitation, substance abuse, accidents, suicide, and violence.

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