Accretionary Prisms and Convergent Margin Tectonics in the by Masao Nakanishi (auth.), Yujiro Ogawa, Ryo Anma, Yildirim

By Masao Nakanishi (auth.), Yujiro Ogawa, Ryo Anma, Yildirim Dilek (eds.)

Accretionary prisms in convergent margins are common laboratories for exploring preliminary orogenic methods and mountain construction episodes. also they are a big element of continental progress either vertically and laterally. Accretionary prisms are seismically hugely lively and their inner deformation through megathrusting and out-of-sequence faulting are an enormous main issue for earthquake and tsunami harm in lots of coastal towns round the Pacific Rim. The geometries and constructions of recent accretionary prisms were good imaged seismically and during deep drilling initiatives of the sea Drilling application (and lately IODP) over the last 15 years. higher realizing of the spatial distribution and temporal development of accretionary prism deformation, structural and hydrologic evolution of the décollement sector (tectonic interface among the subducting slab and the higher plate), chemical gradients and fluid movement paths inside of accretionary prisms, contrasting stratigraphic and deformational framework along-strike in accretionary prisms, and the distribution and ecosystems of organic groups in accretionary prism settings is most vital in studying the evolution of historic complicated sedimentary terrains and orogenic belts when it comes to subduction-related strategies.

This ebook is a suite of interdisciplinary papers documenting the geological, geophysical, geochemical, and paleontological positive factors of contemporary accretionay prisms and ditchs within the northwestern Pacific Ocean, in accordance with many submersible dive cruises, ODP drilling tasks, and geophysical surveys over the past 10 years. additionally it is numerous papers providing the result of systematic built-in reports of modern to old on-land accretionary prisms compared to glossy analogues. the person chapters are information and photograph wealthy, offering a huge source of knowledge and data from those serious elements of convergent margins for researchers, school participants, and graduate and undergraduate scholars. As such, the publication may be a tremendous and certain contribution within the vast fields of world tectonics, geodynamics, marine geology and geophysics, and structural geology and sedimentology.

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S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC Masson DC (1991) Fault patterns at outer trench walls. Mar Geophys Res 13:209–225 Moore JC, Saffer D (2001) Updip limit of the seismogenic zone beneath the accretionary prism of southwest Japan: an effect of diagenetic to low-grade metamorphic processes and increasing effective stress. Geology 29:183–186 Nakanishi M (1993) Topographic expression of five fracture zones in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. In: Pringle MS, Sagar WW, Sliter WV, Stein S (eds) The Mesozoic Pacific geology, tectonics, and volcanism, Geophys Monogr 77.

3. The topographic expression of bending-related topographic structures is classified into two types according to whether new faults developed parallel to the trench axis or inherited seafloor spreading fabrics reactivated. 4. Several curved Mesozoic magnetic anomaly lineations exist near the Japan Trench. 5. Discontinuity of magnetic anomaly lineations associated with a propagating spreading ridge is documented around the Joban Seamounts. 6. A trough with elongated escarpments associated with the propagating ridge in mid-Cretaceous Quiet Period was discovered near the trench-trench-trench triple junction.

The trend of Joban Seamounts is N50°E, which is not parallel to any hotspot tracks on the Pacific plate. Thus, it is reasonable that the NE-SW trending bending-related topographic structures were form by reactivation of the abyssal hill fabric and that the Joban Seamounts were formed along a crustal structure parallel to the abyssal hill fabrics. Bending-related structures in the northern Izu-Ogasawara Trench have two distinguishable strikes (Fig. 23e–h). One has the same direction of the trench axis.

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