A Sudden Wild Magic by Diana Wynne Jones

By Diana Wynne Jones

For aeons the mages of Arth, a neighbouring universe, were looting Earth of principles, techniques and applied sciences, the entire whereas manipulating occasions and developing devastating catastrophes for his or her personal edification. Now this brazen piracy is threatening Earth with overall extinction. it's as much as the hoop, a mystery society of witches and warlocks devoted to the continuance and overall healthiness of mankind, to struggle the virtuous, unbendingly conventional stronghold of Arth with an arsenal of mental sabotage, inner dissension -- and kamikaze intercourse ...

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He cut the agent off, still grumbling, and turned to the second one, the one set to monitor the most important male mageworker. He had far less hope of anything concrete from this one. The inescapable fact that the Brotherhood of With was an all-male company made it impossible to place this agent as a lover. This male mageworker was decidedly heterosexual. So the agent had been attached to the mageworker's female partner instead, which was easy to do, because on With the agent had been blond, smooth, and handsome.

And gualdians usually ran to thick red or chestnut hair, but this one's hair was mousy blond, and thin with it. Perhaps the only true gualdian feature about the boy was the eyes. Here their eyes met, and the gualdian boy's great shining eyes widened and lit with amazement as he saw that the High Head had gualdian blood too. The High Head hastily switched to the centaur instead. Maybe spavined was too strong a term. But the youngster was swaybacked, with the horse ribs showing. And the front legs were knock-kneed, each knee with a large callus showing where they knocked.

Only ask," she said, leaning sweetly towards him across the table, 'because I've been trying a new method of observation for quite a while now, and I seem to have met with a hitch. This makes me sure that you must have your troubles too. In my case, it's maddening. Just as I was sure there was something firm to observe, the connection seems to have been lost. I must confess that I came to With hoping I could re-establish it, but I'm still getting nothing. " The High Head knew she had her own observatories, but it was unlike her to be so frank about it.

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