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Once the trade is placed, both closing sell orders can be placed simultaneously (the limit and the stop order) – when one is executed, the other is cancelled. By the time this book is published, optionsXpress will also have a feature that allows a buy and sell order to be placed simultaneously. They continue making improvements based on the needs of their customers. Autotrading means that optionsXpress can executes your QQQ Swing trade recommendations automatically based on your specifications in your brokerage account and sends QQQ Swings trade alerts.

Press Search and analyze/enjoy the results! 8. Only trade what you like!!!

When prices break out of a trading range). Also, just before market bottoms, volume will often increase due to panic-driven selling. Volume can help determine the strength of an existing trend. A strong up-trend should have higher volume on the upward legs of the trend, and lower volume on the downward (corrective) legs. Similarly, strong downtrends usually have higher volume on the downward legs of the trend and lower volume on the upward (corrective) legs. 6 Equivolume Equivolume displays prices in a manner that emphasizes the relationship between price and volume.

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