A Pictorial Guide to Metamorphic Rocks in the Field by Kurt Hollocher

By Kurt Hollocher

This publication is an illustrative advent to metamorphic rocks as noticeable within the box, designed for complex highschool to graduate-level earth technology and geology scholars to jump-start their observational talents. as well as images of rocks within the box, there are lots of line diagrams and examples of metamorphic beneficial properties proven in skinny part. the skinny part pictures are all at a scale and in a context that may be regarding perspectives visible within the box via a hand lens.

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6 These vertical layers are composed of light-colored quartzite interlayered with darker slate. They are interpreted to have been deposited as offshore, marine turbidites and shale. The original turbidite deposits were graded with respect to grain size, with the lower parts of each layer, to the right, being sand-rich, progressively grading to finer-grained, more silty or clay-rich bed tops to the left (red arrow). Though the apparent bedding may be somewhat transposed, the grading remains clear.

The marble contains nearly black diopside and graphite. The original marble was probably relatively fine-grained, but recrystallization appears to have transformed those grains into a few very large single crystals, as indicated by regions having the same calcite crystal cleavage orientations. Ticonderoga, Adirondacks, New York, USA. 14 Because of the high solubility of carbonates in water, silicate layers within marble can weather out in spectacular raised relief to give a three-dimensional view of the structures.

Lacking most of its original micas, the rock is more gneissic than typical schists at lower grade. In addition, partial melting has produced coarse leucosomes (the light colored areas, Chapter 21) of segregated, crystallized melt in which grew large garnets. The leucosomes seem to be randomly arranged, suggesting that this rock was not deformed very much after the melt crystallized. Ware, Massachusetts, USA. 14 Close-up of a partially melted pelitic schist metamorphosed to sillimanite – K-feldspar – garnet – cordierite grade.

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