A Little Wild by Kate St. James

By Kate St. James

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That’s ten huge cartons of West Coast Charlie’s Best! gourmet wild cherry ice cream. ” Goodbye lusty dreams. So long sizzling fantasies featuring one eager-to-please, curl-my-toes hottie. “I’ll have to pay up. com A Little Wild Chloe sipped her orange juice. ” “Because,” she hedged. ” She expected Chloe to press for clarification, but none came. “Yes, he can. He just hasn’t. The idiot. Doesn’t he realize what he’s missing? You’re a prize, Tee. ” Despite her gloomy mood, Tess chuckled. “Thanks. ” Confession time.

Lately, Phil was acting ultra-smug. Having joined the firm before Tess, he remained her primary competition for a partnership. After his success with a couple of big cases, he considered himself a shoe-in. His bombastic manner didn’t sit well with the secretaries, and eventually his limitations would become apparent to the upper brass. When that happened, she’d be ready, her reputation for diligence and enthusiasm preceding her. She’d snatch a partnership out from under Phil Renfrew’s stubby little nose.

Or he played out the game and saw how far Miss Strawberry would go. The latter option pulled at him. She was so beautiful. Serene, sophisticated and Kidman-esque. “You’re losing it, Halliday,” he mumbled. He could pick up the damn phone, dial any one of a dozen numbers, and quickly locate warm female companionship for the rest of the afternoon and long into the night. Sane companionship. Simple, uncomplicated, pleasurable. Instead, he had a hankering to expose Miss Strawberry’s secrets. “Tess,” he whispered again, and need curled in his gut.

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