A guided tour through my bibliography by Gautschi W.

By Gautschi W.

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Interfacial Tensiometry

Hardbound. this can be the 1st monograph dedicated to interfacial tensiometry and is consequently the definitive resource of knowledge on measuring floor pressure. greater than forty equipment for measuring floor pressure either on the liquid-fluid and solid-fluid obstacles are defined together with tools utilizing computational suggestions, tele- and video-apparatus, and laser innovations.

Palaeoecology of Quaternary Drylands (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences, 102)

The twelve contributions during this quantity signify  the result of a 10 12 months interdisciplinary workshop on "desert margins" - occupied with the geomorphological, geochemica, mineralogical, sedimentological, soil medical characterisation of (semi-) deserts in Spain, Africa, Arabia and China. desolate tract sediments and soils in addition to procedures and features in their formation are seemed from various geoscientific views.

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We should therefore be quite prepared to find that the use of the lot in state affairs 1 Perhaps the most remarkable illustration of this is con- tained in one of the speeches of Hypereides. We there find the Assembly solemnly ordering three men to go and sleep in a temple them might learn in a dream the opinion of Amphiaraus on a disputed point of property (Or. iii pro Euxenippo, xxvii viii). It is only necessary to refer to the Anabasis and Hellenica of Xenophon for instances of the readiness with which men would incur the greatest dangers rather than neglect an omen.

In a monarchy Sir the king governs he has servants, he has advisers statesmen are responsible ministers he has none ; ; : his servants, they do his bidding, they may offer advice, but if their advice be not taken they must be INTRODUCTION. 30 prepared to obey none the less. A favourite may become powerful, but his power depends on the king's favour; there may be rivalry, there may be antagonistic influences; round the bed-chamber of the king, or the salon of his mistress ambitious men contend for the privilege of executing his commands and influencing his will.

Not only was the danger entirely averted in the appoint- ment to the greater were filled by number of offices, since they but even in the election of lot; generals, and what few other exceptions there were to the rule, the results of the system are seen. This result was so obviously beneficial that some it alone sufficient to explain and of the lot; in fact in some Greek use the justify states the lot was, we are told, simply used as a means have considered 1 of securing internal peace and it is even possible that this was one of the chief reasons of its use at , Athens in the earlier 2 days before the establishment was rightly considered as essential to the integrity and permanence of the democracy, because, as I have pointed out, the existence of gtckji^, of violent compact parties, of the democracy .

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