A guide to the common sea fishes of southern Africa by Rudy Van der Elst

By Rudy Van der Elst

Книга характеризует более чем three hundred видов рыб, которых можно наиболее часто увидеть либо поймать в прибрежных районах Южной Африки. Каждый раздел, посвященный определенному виду, включает детальное описание, полноцветную фотографию, заметки по образу жизни, включая многие малоизвестные и интересные аспекты поведения, карты локального распространения и встречаемости в мире, наиболее современные ограничения в отношения ловли. Книга будет полезна всем, кто интересуется рыбами и рыбалкой.
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H. Campbell*) Studyarea Caithness (1) Sutherland (2) Sutherland Moray E Perth Lanark S. 73 '*RSPB study areas were selected on the basis of anticipated high total wader populations. Provided that suitable crags or trees are availablefor nesting, raptors such as Golden Eagle, Peregrine, Buzzard and Kestrel, and scavengers such as Raven and Carrion/Hooded Crow, willhunt or forage over both heather and grassymoorlands. For most of these species the available food supply exceeds demand, but in some areas a decrease in sheep carrion, resulting from afforestation and improved sheep management, has already caused a serious decline in Raven numbers.

These changes seriously affected Loch Leven's famous trout fishery for a fewyears, and also caused a marked drop in the Mute and Whooper Swan populations. Better effluent treatment and the development of slow-release nitrogenous fertilisers have since improved the condition of the loch, but swan numbers have not returned to their former levels. Similar nutrient-enrichment is occurring in most lowland lochs set amidst farmland, though generally on a less dramatic scale. For some species, notably Shoveler, enrichment may be beneficial, since it increases the crop of small invertebrates feeding on the algae in the surface water, but in the long-term it may render a water unsuitable for predominantly vegetarian species.

Most of those surviving would be difficult or prohibitively expensive (even with modern techniques) to bring into cultivation which is a good thing from the conservationist's point of view. There are few large freshwater reedbeds in Scotland, and none of the species dependent upon reedbeds in other parts of Britain - Reed Warbler, Bearded Tit, Marsh Harrier and Bittern - breeds here regularly. Nevertheless many lowland lochs have considerable adjoining areas of reed-dominated fen and these are the main habitat of Reed Bunting and Sedge Warbler and are also valuable for Teal, Snipe and Water Rail, and as autumn roosts for species such as Sand Martin, Sedge Warbler, Pied Wagtail and Starling.

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