A Grand Origin for Grand Canyon by Michael Oard

By Michael Oard

The writer presents an intensive overview of the beginning of 1 of the Earth’s most renowned icons, Grand Canyon. bringing up considerable geomorphological proof, he attributes the canyon’s formation to occasions that happened close to the top of the Noachian Flood. He exhibits that sooner than the canyon itself might have been eroded, hundreds of thousands of ft of strata have been got rid of via monstrous sheet erosion. Then he develops the speculation that the canyon used to be quickly carved through late-Flood channelized erosion. Oard additionally cites facts which demonstrates that the evolutionists’ uniformitarian principles are very faraway from offering passable factors. He additionally examines many of the creationist hypotheses, together with the dam-breach speculation, and unearths all of them to be wanting.

This booklet, on hand basically as an booklet, is written to the extent of well-educated laypersons, and is seriously referenced to supply substance when you are extra technically orientated. There are a few 134 figures unfold all through its anticipated 328 pages.

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Such a pattern would suggest that the Colorado River flowed northeasterly for a while. These and other puzzles can provide important forensic clues to solving the mystery of the origin of Grand Canyon. The Southwestern United States We are still gathering information and clues. Before we continue we need to get a feel for the larger context or big picture of the origin of Grand Canyon. We need to examine the geography of the areas through which the Colorado River flows, the Southwest United States.

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I am grateful to Dr. Glen Wolfrom who edited the final manuscript and formatted it as an e-book. I appreciate Peter Klevberg’s taking the time to draw many of the diagrams. I also thank Bryan Miller for drawing about half a dozen Figures, which were taken from another book. Likewise, I thank Mrs. 7. Ray Sterner generously provided map backgrounds for the project. I also thank a critical reviewer who helped me see that several aspects of this study were not well supported and needed further documentation.

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