A Field Guide to Automotive Technology by Ed Sobey

By Ed Sobey

Written for mechanical rookies who won't be aware of their catalytic converters from their common joints, this functional advisor is helping train a easy knowing of the way autos functionality. units are grouped based on their habitats—under the hood, contained in the motor vehicle, and more—to aid determine the expertise in query. fixing car puzzles comparable to the place precisely does a dipstick dip and what's rack and pinion guidance, this convenient reference illuminates what’s occurring less than the hood with no all that dirt and grease.

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This is one of the advantages of disc brakes. Brakes can heat up to several hundred degrees in vigorous stopping and disc brakes cool faster than drum brakes, which are enclosed. In drum brakes, often found on the rear wheels, the braking action occurs inside the wheel drum. A curved brake shoe pushes outward against the brake drum to slow the car. Springs pull the shoe back when the brake pedal is released. The brake drum is bolted to the wheel. The heat generated by drum brakes takes longer to dissipate since the braking action is enclosed inside the drum.

A computer in the car is set to receive the code of a fob and “remember” it as the key. The fob sends the identify code, which is a long string of numbers, plus the code to tell the car what you want it to do. A basic system lets you lock or unlock the doors, open the trunk, or sound an alarm. More advanced systems start the car, too. New systems change the code every time you use the fob.

Some are removable so they can be locked away for security when the car is parked. H O W I T WO R K S Two dozen navigation satellites orbiting the earth continuously transmit time signals at microwave frequencies. Each satellite has an atomic clock so it can deliver time accurately. The receiver in a car needs to receive the time signals from at least four satellites to compute its position. The computer inside the GPS unit computes the distance to each satellite based on the time it takes each signal to arrive.

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