50 Ways to Improve Your Weather Forecasting by Dag Pike

By Dag Pike

This is a e-book approximately functional climate forecasting, and it starts off the place so much different books end. climate forecasts provide you with loads of information regarding the elements to return yet they generally miss most of the element, and the timing of adjustments is also imprecise. during this booklet, Dag Pike indicates how one can translate the fundamentals into sensible climate forecasts for you to determine what it will likely be like on your zone and alongside your proposed direction. Sailors could be capable of make greater use of the on hand wind and stay away from tricky components, while powerboat drivers extra drawn to the ocean stipulations could be capable of finding the smoothest waters for a greater ride.

With assistance from this publication, readers will decide up specialist information such as

  • Predicting the elements at sea from scanty climate forecasts
  • Knowing what stipulations to count on whilst close to cliffs, river estuaries and valleys
  • Understanding how the wind impacts tides

    50 how you can increase Your climate Forecasting distils Dag Pike's...

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    If you have the facilities, record TV forecasts on video or DVD – this will allow you to play them back in slow motion in your own time and get a really good picture of the weather movements that are forecast. Remember, however, that TV forecasts tend to relate more to what is happening over the land than to conditions at sea, and many of the TV forecasts have given up showing the isobars and replaced them with fancy weather graphics, which will not always serve your purpose for a sea forecast.

    However, it isn’t likely to give you much idea about wind strengths and the timing of changes – you need to rely on the forecast for that. You should also consider the effect of tidal flow changes – while the main effect will be on the waves, strong tides can affect the wind strength as the water flow drags the surface wind along. Knowing your position relative to the forecast region will also help in fine-tuning. If you are close to the edge that will be first affected by changes, expect things to change before the time that the forecast suggests.

    It is the sea conditions rather than the wind that can have an important bearing on both comfort and safety at sea, and these conditions will really be your main concern when you are leaving port. Most sailors will have a general idea of the sea conditions that can be expected in various wind conditions but sea conditions can also be greatly affected by local topography, shallow water and tides – you need to interpret the forecast bearing these factors in mind. Even the wind strengths given in forecasts can often span a considerable range of conditions.

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