50 Things to Make with a Broken Hockey Stick by Peter Manchester

By Peter Manchester

From the times while proto-humans lashed animal jawbones to sticks and whacked wildebeest-poop slapshots in Olduvai enviornment to modern super-high-tech computer-assisted extravaganzas, one derivative of the hockey video game has long gone neglected and untapped. beforehand . . . In 50 issues to Make with a damaged Hockey Stick, Peter Manchester transforms the discomfort of a fractured stick into the joys of production. directions and specific cartoons express woodworkers of all talents the best way to style goods for outdoor, goods for interior, and goods with none objective in any respect. No basement artiste will ever throw away a damaged hockey stick back. the completed initiatives will satisfaction pals and win the consideration of detractors, even these within the maker's personal loved ones. utilizing damaged hockey sticks as tomato stakes is simple in comparison with crafting a jogging Stick or a Piñata Stick. yet Manchester is going a ways past creating a stick out of a stick; his innovations surround the whole power of this loose and...

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4. Pasta Dryer Here is a use for a busted hockey stick never envisioned in the pioneering days of high-impact ice sports. To make pasta, you need a big slab of marble and some flour, eggs, salt, and water. You also need a lot of time, wine, and either strength with a rolling pin or one of those pasta rolling gizmos. It is a lot of work, but it is also a very social activity. Of course, you’ll need a stick on which to hang your pasta to dry. A busted hockey stick. That’s all. What, you thought I was going to tell you something special?

Give it streamers. Listen for mariachi music in the wind, cue the happy kids in white cotton shirts with brilliant sashes and huarache sandals. The piñata itself you can construct using the traditional balloon and papier maché method. Be sure to put a few loops of string around the balloon for a hanging device as you are laying on the papier maché. This vessel is in for some pounding, so lay it on thick if the age group of destructeros is over double digits. Be creative with shapes, bright paper, and presentation.

Trim around each silicone foot for a realistic look and use contact cement to stick the feet to the bottoms of your oversized sandals. Attach nylon webbing so you can strap the Bigfoot Sandals to your boots. Fresh snow, not too deep, will make the best impression. 26. Library-Style Newspaper Holder Do you remember going to an old library that had the newspapers of the day on sticks to keep them tidy and organized? The sticks rested neatly on a table or in a frame when not in use. When you took your selection to a table to read it, nobody could steal a section from you, as you were the master of that publication.

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