50 Stories to Tell to Children by Bryant S.C.

By Bryant S.C.

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Queen of Oblivion

Trip past Ohndarien to the fallen urban of Efften within the gorgeous end to the epic Heartstone Trilogy A fallen hero defies his future . . . A scarred sorceress fights for romance . . . A vindictive lover clings to wish . . . And a father of lies calls his kin domestic . . . ''You needs to educate a misplaced baby how one can love.


Jack Stein lives and works within the crowded, semi-organic urban referred to as the Locality. he is employed via the Outreach Mining corporation to enquire the mysterious disappearance of 1 of its mining crews on an uncolonized planet. yet his psychic desires are choked with unusual mystical symbols and crimson herrings, making Jack ponder whether Outreach really wishes the miners came upon.

The Scattered and the Dead (Book 0.5)

Loneliness drives an agoraphobic shut-in to put in writing a letter to the lady within the condo around the corridor, attempting to strike up a friendship. regrettably, a sequence of apocalyptic occasions interrupt this try out at human touch. Now he watches out the window because the international will get lower to items by way of plague and riots.

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Yet, all too often, we forget the claims of this reverence, in the presence of the annoyances and the needed corrections. As for voice: work in schoolrooms brings two opposing mistakes constantly before me: one is the repressed voice, and the other, the forced. The best way to avoid either extreme, is to keep in mind that the ideal is development of one's own natural voice, along its own natural lines. A ``quiet, gentle voice'' is conscientiously aimed at by many young teachers, with so great zeal that the tone becomes painfully -xvi- repressed, ``breathy,'' and timid.

I mean the attitude of mind which recognizes in -xlv- the youngest, commonest child, the potential dignity, majesty, and mystery of the developed human soul. Genuine reverence for the humanity of the ``other fellow'' marks a definite degree of courtesy in the intercourse of adults, does it not? And the same quality of respect, tempered by the demands of a wise control, is exactly what is needed among children. Again and again, in dealing with young minds, the teacher who respects personality as sacred, no matter how embryonic it be, wins the victories which count for true education.

Once upon a time there was a little boy, and he wanted to be a cock-a-doo-dle-doo So he was a cock-a-doo-dle-doo. And he wanted to fly up into the sky. So he did fly up into the sky. And he wanted to get wings and a tail. So he did get some wings and a tail. [1] From ``The Ignominy of being Grown Up,'' by Dr. Samuel M. Crothers, in the Atlantic Monthly for July, 1906. THE CLOUD 2 One hot summer morning a little Cloud rose out of the sea and floated lightly and happily across the blue sky. Far -5- below lay the earth, brown, dry, and desolate, from drouth.

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