17 Paladin Spells by Tony DiGerolamo

By Tony DiGerolamo

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Ll. 296-7), is utterly cast down by drink and debauchery : he even sees it himself, and with a pointless bestiality from the Fool, fit companion for the—king—and in that word NOTES we see all the concentrated loathing of the true Shakespeare for a despotism, massed in one lurid flame, phantasmagoric horror, the grim First Act rolls down. II. Act II. Sc. i. ) accept the forged letter as genuine, as final proof, with not even the intervention of a Bertillon to excuse so palpable a folly, so egregious a crime.

Ab ista influentia dependet vita omnium. “153. Ab hac influentia dependet cœli & terra ; pluviæbeneplaciti ; & alimenta omnium. “154. Ab hac influentia venit providentia ommnium. Ab hac influentia dependent omnes exercitus superiores & inferiores. “155. Tredecim fontes olei magnificentiæ boni, dependent a barba hujus influentiæ gloriosæ; & omnes emanant in Microprosopum. “156. Ne dicas omnes ; sed novem ex iis inveniuntur ad inflectenda judicia. “157. Et quando hæc influentia æqualiter pendet usque ad præcordia omnes Sanctitates Sanctitatum Sanctitatis ab illa dependent.

My wandering thoughts you well recall ! I focus logic’s perfect prism : Lo ! the informing syllogism ! The premiss major. Life at best Is but a sorry sort of jest ; At worst, a play of fiends uncouth, Mocking the soul foredoomed to pain. In any case, its run must range Through countless miseries of change. So far, no farther, gentle youth ! The mind can see. So much, no more. So runs the premiss major plain ; Identical, the Noble truth First of the Buddha’s Noble Four! The premiss minor. I deplore These limitations of the mind I strain my eyes until they’re blind, And cannot pierce the awful veil * In Memoriam 275 280 285 290 295 300 305 † All is Sorrow 32 270 PENTECOST Visible Image of the Soul of Nature, whose Name is Fatalitiy.

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